Blue Planet Special

Anthropocene Florida, 2150 A.D.

In the middle of our dry season, the Peace River at Brownville received 4-5 days of heavy afternoon rains. The river quickly rose several feet. When it did, it flooded fire ant homes built along the shores. Collectively, the ants fled to high ground. Sort of. Instead of hiking inland to higher ground, they gathered in a mass and created an ant island in the water. I don't know enough about fire ant behavior to suggest they were waiting for the waters to recede so they could return home, or if they were confused and holding meetings to decide what to do next.

I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the island's shape and Florida's own peninsular contours. The island also reminded me of how populated the state of Florida is becoming, something even yours truly is guilty of promoting by encouraging people to take my fossil trips!