Mark Renz Photography

Beautiful View

"Lordy, what a beautiful view," said the red-shouldered hawk from atop the cypress tree. "I wonder if the tree ever gets lonely, growing here all by itself?"

"How could it be?" replied the Great Blue Heron on the ground. "It's surrounded by grassy friends, both short and tall. And look at the two of us, keeping it company on such a fine foggy morning!"

"Great point," said the hawk. "The two of us are separated from our kind too, and yet here we are, hanging out together as if we're inseparable."

"That's because we are all interconnected," added the heron. "We are all one, no matter how many of us there are. I think the lonely are only those who are separated from themselves. But as long as long as we have each other, there will always be a beautiful view."