Border Dance

Photos and story by Mark Renz

Okay Ralph, my territory is from the edge of the road west to that gray house...

and south to that black mailbox.

I acknowledge and accept your border lines, Mr. Emmett.

Excuse me, Mr. Mockingbird...he might accept your border but I don't.

Ha! I'm not afraid of you Ms. Cardinal!

So, I'm not afraid of you either.

Hey gang, this wise-mouth cardinal is questioning Emmett's border!

I say we go tug on her tail feathers!

Yeah, let's teach her a lesson!

Ralph, you're the junior man here. March on over and show her who's boss!

Go for it kid. We've got your back.

Hey Ms. Cardinal...this is our border!

Our border! Our border! Our border!

What do I do Emmett? She's not impressed...

No wonder, look who's standing behind her!

How about if we meet each other half way Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal?
You take the east side of the road and we'll take the west side.

It's a deal. And welcome to the neighborhood kid!

Thank you...Guess I'll catch you on the fly!