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Butter Blooms

Photos and words by Mark Renz

Rootbeer Stand

Life raft in an ocean pink
(Climbing aster)

The first butterfly I ever hugged taught me that sometimes it's better to hug with your heart than your hands and arms.
(Giant Swallowtail)

The luna must be one of the most admired creatures on Earth.
Graceful and green with eyes on their wings, and a tuxedo for all occasions.

(Luna moth)

If pink doesn't make you think sweet thoughts, then your life is lacking in the joys of color.
Marsh Pink (Sabatia grandiflora)

Where air bubbles of light mix with a rainbow and land on the wings of a butterfly.
(Buckeye butterfly)

No envy, no hate. Just two beautiful travelers bellying up to the flower bar for a little intoxication.
Queen (top), Monarch (bottom)

Said the river to the flower, I'd like to stay but I must flow.
Replied the flower to the river, where you flow, so I'll go.
(Gladiolus flower)

Said the flower to the butterfly, I envy your wings that you can fly where you please.
Replied the butterfly to the flower, I envy your scent that brings the world to you with ease.

(Peacock butterfly)

A little color can spread beauty in every direction.
Little Metalmark - Calephelis virginiensis

A flower has 4 great friends: fertile soil, rain, sun and an appreciative human eye.

Life is a circle, no beginning or end.
What goes round, comes back again.
Dance on air in time to the wind.
I love you now and I loved you then.

(Ruddy daggerwing)