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What extinct Florida carnivore am I? According to the Florida Museum of Natural History,
I'm a jaguar (Panthera onca). This is part of my maxilla. Caloosahatchee River find by Mark Renz, included in "Fossiling In Florida" (University Press of Florida).

How about me? Although I was found in the same area, I haven't been identified yet.
I may be jaguar, wolf or who knows? Notice the wide
hole where a canine tooth was. Could I be saber-toothed cat?

And then there's me. I am part of an American mastodon jaw.
Notice the mark on the lower right?

Here's a closer look. Since I was found in the same area
as the jaguar jaw,there is a slight possibility the big kitty
snuck up on me. But the mark could be from some other animal,
including a human. And the mark doesn't mean I was killed by whatever
made it...it could have been scavengers after I was already dead.

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Home Page is Florida Time Forgot