Florida Time Forgot


December 4, 2008. Hurricanes are killers. They kill people and towns. The city of Moore Haven has been hit hard a number of times this century, most notably in 1926, when hundreds of residents drowned from storm surge as a major hurricane passed through the area. In 2004, Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances caused minor damage to the town. The 2005 hurricane season brought on the wrath of Wilma with more severe damage, but no fatalities. In spite of a national economic downturn, Moore Haven is attempting to rebuild after the damage. Yesterday, I walked the city block next to the public library with my wife Marisa and Tom Yarbrough, who is President of Friends of the Public Libary. I viewed the damage from the perspective of an artist and storyteller, not a historian or reporter. These photos do not show the great beauty in this town or its people. I am looking forward to another visit for that perspective. --mr