Florida Time Forgot

Crazy Moon

(From my little ponderosa)

I love the moon. It's always different. It's always the same. Of course, I can't do it real justice with a camera. But I can't help trying. Here are a few moon moods.

For "Moon Bridges", I focused on a palm frond in my back yard. "Dreamer's Tree" was through a pine in the morning, also from my back yard. I hate tripods. So I rarely use one, even when needed. I shot "Crazy moon" by intentionally jiggling my camera and zoom to get the streaks. "Celestial tango" and "We're all just passing through" were shot during a Lunar eclipse, also moving the camera to create flow.

For "Frog's perspective", I layed in the tall grasses (I also hate lawn mowers!) of our front yard and tried to get a toad's perspective.

I have too much fun.