Florida Time Forgot


Because the past and present intersect in my job as a fossil guide, I often see time and space as a single strand of energy with no beginning or end. To bring the two together for my “Earthrise” cover photo, I relied on my Nikon 80-400 mm telephoto lens. Some of my fossil hunting clients were screen-washing in the Peace River close to my blue kayak. The light ripples from their movement in the water helped soften the reflection of the kayak and willow trees overhanging the bank. Later, in Corel Paint Shop Pro 9, I clicked on “Geometric effects” and scrolled down to “Spherize” to allow ancient Earth to take shape.

“Palm Mirage” is a reflection along the Caloosahatchee River at about 10 mph in a small boat with an outboard. I shot the image just before the waves began to grow as they left my boat.

For “Cloud Waterfall”, I waited until after another boat passed and shot the reflection of clouds in the boat’s waves. I didn’t realize until later that it resembled a waterfall.

With “Think Big”, I was lying on the ground trying to find the right angle to shoot an old growth bald cypress tree. The flower was in my way, or so I initially thought.

“All that I am is here” is typical of my being a highway hazard. Sort of. I’m actually very careful. What I do is unroll my car window while driving at 60 mph and aim my camera off to the left as I pass pine flatwoods or other neat vistas. The effect for me is a more dreamy view of the wild.