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Evolution Happens

Mark Renz photo and words

What draws so many of us to the sea?

Is it the endless expanse of blue,

calm one day and a raging tempest the next?

Is it because we know we come from the sea

and that our ancestors’ ancestors

lived an eternity there before crawling out

to explore the dry world we now call home?

Do we hear a chorus of primitive voices

in the lapping of the waves,

smell and taste our life source

in the salty spray,

or feel evolution’s sculpting touch

as we walk a beach with bare feet,

lost in quiet reflection?

It is not always easy to remove ourselves

from the trappings of the present,

to peel back the layers of time

and travel in reverse

to our most humble beginnings in the sea.

But what a remarkable and

fascinating journey it has been.

And while we may argue passionately

about who or what started and influenced it all —

an omnipotent Creator or eons of trial and error —

there is ample proof that life is constantly changing.

Great variations of animals and plants

have evolved before us,

and should the human race live far into the future —

we will no doubt bear witness

to an unending procession of changes to come,

many brought on by us

and many well beyond our control.

Here's to what we can learn about the past,

what we can experience in the present

and what we can apply to our future!