Faces of Truth

Truth wears many faces
as does a lie
We all dress up
We all go out
to show the world
what's inside
Reality is only real
if everyone looks
through one set of eyes
Perception has far more power
over individual lives

When we insist we have truth on our side, we may be lying to ourselves.
No one owns truth. No one can fully see it. It isn't black and white.
It has no color. It changes like a chameleon as tempers flair and mobs unite.
The real truth may never show itself. So what should we grasp?
Our doubts, our fears, our prejudices, our certainties that we are right.
Then toss them to the wind. What is left? A bare soul, with only one face,
ready to start over in search of truth. This time, instead of faith in the unseen,
give testable evidence a chance. It may not completely free you.
It may not provide all the answers. But it will make the pursuit
of truth more honest. --Mark Renz