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I don't know why this made the hair stand up on the back of my neck but...

Look really close...

What do you see next to the banana spider?

Can you tell what that blurry object is slightly to the left, lurking in the shadows?

Now, think about this...If the regal jumping spider
-- which is only 1/4 the size of the banana spider --
leaps at the larger spider and misses by "that much",
what do you suppose the outcome will be?

Even though the jumping spider (which I call "bunjie" jumping spider)
has a safety strand of web it trails behind it in case of a miss,
this time the safety web may not do much good.

Do you s'pose the jumping spider is giving this careful consideration?
What's going on inside that little head with 8 eyes?
I can tell you what I was observing with two eyes...
The jumping spider remained motionless except when
the much larger banana spider was distracted
while wrapping a bug it had just caught.
That's when it would creep a little closer
and gently test feel the banana spider's web --
possibly trying to determine which strand
was the non-sticky one the banana spider uses to come and go,
kinda like an entrance or exit strategy.

Success!!...this time.

Dinner is served!


Home Page is Florida Time Forgot