Sandhill Cranes, Mark Renz 1-239-368-3252

Nesting at Arcadia WalMart

Sandhill Cranes

Photos by Mark Renz

Mom turning the eggs - February 13, 2013

Dad - February 15, 2013

Mom Awake- February 15, 2013

Mom Asleep - February 15, 2013

Mom and Dad missing; eggs left unattended - February 18, 2013. They never returned

Concert for a cow

(Each of the birds below are different cranes)

Ma & Pa whose eggs were about to hatch - and did.
S.R. 78 between Hwy.31 and Alva

Arcadia - I saw this couple smooching under a tree, then off they flew.

And this was a fly-by romance over Harns Marsh in Lehigh Acres