Old Man River

Who is that river geezer staring back at me in the water? I love peering into that other dimension where the world is slightly askew. If you're going to throw a party, a creek or river are the ones to hang out with. (Most pics here are from Hawthorne Creek in Nocatee near Arcadia.) That's where all the action is. Here are some samples, plus a few peripheral prairie critters such as sand hill cranes and woodsy white tail deer.

The banded water snakes together were slightly out of focus so I tweaked them for a different effect.

My blue heeler Darwin continues to be such a sweety. He's gentle to all creatures. Think he ought to run for President?

I rescued the bee after noticing it floundering in the creek. Also thought the wood stork was injured on Hwy 31 enroute the creek because it let me get so close, but then flew off. I saw the redheaded woodpecker get hit by a car on my way home on S.R. 78 near Alva. It landed on its back and lay still as if dead. But to be sure, I did a u-turn and went back to check it out. Its eyes were still open as I scooped it up just before a line of cars passed over the same spot. I placed it in a container to take to a rehab pick-up point and drove away. About 10 minutes later, it came to life so I pulled over and released it, pleased to see it fly straight up and land on the upper branch of an old live oak tree. I am saddened by how many animals are killed by our hurried lifestyle, but if I slow down, I too, may get run over. I often feel trapped within my species, frustrated that I can't find a way out, or unable to make a difference from within. Then I console myself that that's life and I just have to do the best I can where I am with what I've got.