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Swamp Paparazzi crashes Royal Wedding Proposal

DP (Disassociated Press) American royalty Sammie Freeman and Nick McDearis had just exchanged wedding engagement vows when a bikini-clad swamp paparazzi crashed literally into their private event. But thanks to a crazy little thing called love, the smitten couple were completely unaware of the intruder.

Actually, the "intruder" was an invited guest too -- by the name of Jennifer Wright. The whole bunch of us, including Jennifer and her family, were fossil hunting in a small stream near Arcadia when Nick informed us that he was about to pop the question to Sammie. Would we be willing to shoot a few photos while he was on bended knee?

Jennifer and I took up paparazzi-like positions just out of sight. I was standing in the middle of the stream in chest deep water and Jennifer leaned on a tree branch with her feet firmly planted on dry ground. Somehow she leaned a little too hard on the branch and -- just as the couple was wrapped in a blissful trance...the branch broke!

I heard a loud splash but kept clicking while the couple kept hugging. All the while, Jennifer had managed to fall with such force that she sank completely under -- except for the hand holding her camera out of water.

A true professional! And a truly unusual photo keepsake for the future Mr. and Mrs. McDearis!