Florida Through Native Eyes

Politics as usual

"I have determined that my constituents need this bill passed."
"I have determined mine don't."

"Wanna compromise?"
"Sure. But won't that make us look like traitors if we're seen as embracing the enemy?"

"Probably. What should we do?"
"How about if we posture, then fight?"

"Great idea...how's my posture?"
"You really should see a chiropractor."

"On to the fight!"
"Grrr, take that and that and a little of this and a little more of that!"

"That was kinda dumb. Wanna compromise?"
"Sure, but won't that make us look wimpy, maybe even unpatriotic?"

"Probably. What should we do?"
"How about if we call each other names, then posture and fight."

"Great idea. That's some posturing, eh?"
"Not bad for a newbie."

"On to the fight!"
"You dirty so and so...take this and that and this and those and these!"

"That was dumb. Wanna compromise?"
"Hold everything! Why don't we break this vicious cycle and tell our constituents
we're going to sit down and work out our problems like adults?"

"It'll never work."
"Why not?"
"Because that's not how they work out their own problems."
"Good point. And that's not why they elected us."
"Hey, I got an idea!"

"What's that?"
"Let's posture, then fight."
"Works for me! How's my posturing?"
"Looks great, how's mine?"

"On to the fight!"
"Take that and them and then some more of that and them!"

"Whew! I'm tired. What next?"
"Let's go have a cold one! Your treat."
"My treat? I treated last time."
"Wanna compromise?"