Blue Planet Special

Wild Road Trip Number 3,048

I am fortunate to live within 1- to 2 hours of a dozen national, state and county parks. With little or no planning, I can grab my camera and some snacks, and take to the open road, arriving at my destination as the first layers of light begin to paint the sky.

This is one of those mornings. Buddy Steve and I drove out Janes Scenic Loop Drive near Copeland, parked along the limestone and dirt road leading into the north end of the Fakahatchee, then hiked back through a young forest of bald Cypress and Wax Myrtles. A recent prescribed burn stimulated the growth of fresh green swamp grass. The morning sun did the rest. What a tranquil place.

Afterwards, we launched our kayaks off Chokoloskee Island and paddled out to say hi to dozens of White Pelicans hanging out on an oyster bar.

I have also included here, a few photos I took the morning before in Big Cypress and at the southern end of the Fakahatchee.