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Twilight Time

Photos by Mark Renz

I think I've figured out
how to get to the moon on a skimpy budget
First, I climb a tree into the clouds
then I swim to the highest fluffer
At the top, I slowly back up
get a running start
and as I reach the far edge of the cloud
I leap straight up!
But always at the last second...
I open my eyes
and realize it was only a dream.
But without such dreams
I would never climb out of bed in the morning
--Mark Renz

What would happen if the sun was shy
if it refused to rise
and failed to shine

Where would we be without that light
to inspire us to wake
and be done with the night

I for one, would unplug the alarm
and go back to sleep
in my bed snug and warm
--Mark Renz

To see birds, it is is necessary to become part of the silence. --Robert Lynd

With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood. -Isadora Duncan

Mine is a river bank whose dividends pay me great riches of beauty. --Mark Renz

To kayak is to feel connected and graceful even if your life isn't always so.
How many shrinks have lost clients over a simple paddle and poly-plastic tub?
--Mark Renz

For all our human complexities
there is a deep desire to keep life simple.
We don't, of course.
But when we do, we realize it's then
that we're happiest and most content.
--Mark Renz

Twilight candles

Nuclear power plant

When I was younger I took comfort from the saying,
"Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs."
But my thinking has evolved.
Today I say, "Doubt your beliefs and go with the science."
--Mark Renz

Imagine your stress going out with the tide --Mark Renz

My favorite time of day?
Geez...all of it, I guess. Even the night.
But the part that makes me pause and appreciate life most?
Well, that would be twilight,
the time that Earth and Sun bond gently...quietly,
then invite the world to sit still
and gaze at the colorful fading light show.
--Mark Renz